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IIT Researchers working on a SMART SPEED WARNING system based on geography

Researchers across various IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) are researching and developing a smart speed warning system for vehicles that can alert the drivers based on the road and the location.

An innovation like this is happening for the first time in India that will help avoid overspeeding and reduce accidents in the country.


Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that about 70 per cent of road accidents happen due to over–speeding.

The government has taken steps to reduce overspeeding, like they made it compulsory for all new cars sold from July 1, 2019, to have a speed monitor device that will issue warnings with a beep when it goes above 80 kmph and constantly beep when it goes above 120kmph.


The fine for speeding was also increased 10 folds under the new Motor Vehicles Act of 2019.

Researchers of IIT Guwahati and Bombay say that the current device they are working on can fit in all devices. It works on all sorts of terrains like hills, plains, deserts etc.


Akhilesh Kumar Maurya, who is a Civil Engineering Professor in IIT Guwahati told PTI that their studies show that safe speed for vehicles vary when the roads are different like sharp curves, blind curves, the safe speed is different in such cases.

He then adds that there is a requirement to develop a speed warning device that understands the safe speed for different terrains and warns the driver for the same. He said that the traditional warning systems have a fixed speed warning which doesn’t work for different terrains but this system will detect different geographical locations and adjust accordingly.


The IIT researchers also said that such kind of warning system is not available anywhere in the world and it will be a first when it is developed.

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