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Top 5 underrated tourist attractions of Maharashtra you can’t miss!

So, today we will be talking about the top 5 underrated locations in Maharashtra that you can’t miss. You might have heard the popular locations of Maharashtra like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Alibaug etc. and the movies have glamourized all these places to a whole different level. But today, let’s explore some unexplored locations of Maharashtra!

  1. Sandhan Valley

Popularly known as the Sandhan Valley trek is an amazing destination if you like trekking. The valley has a descent of 1500 meters and it is known as the Valley of Shadows. It is a good place for rappelling as well. The best time to visit Sandhan valley is October to February.

  1. Bhandhardara

The best parts of Bhandhardara are its water bodies. Some of the most popular ones are Randha Falls, Umbrella Falls, Arthur Lake and Wilson Dam. It is a beautiful escape from the hustle-bustle of the city and gives you a relaxing time off from reality. The best time to visit Bhandhardara is monsoons – June to September.

  1. Diveagar

Diveagar is a bit far from cities like Mumbai and Pune but it is worth the travel. The Diveagar beaches are breathtaking and it is not overcrowded like other beaches. It is a 170km drive from Mumbai and you get to explore the Konkan region. The best time to visit here is the Monsoons.

  1. Velas

Velas is popularly known for the ‘Velas Turtle Festival’ and the best time to visit it is between Mid-march to Mid-April. Thanks to the eco-tourism in Velas can see olive ridley turtles every year.

The NGO Sahyadri Nisargmitra has put in a lot of effort to conserve these turtles. You can also visit the Harihareshwar temple from here.

  1. Lonar

If you have never visited a meteorite collision site, then you must visit Lonar. Lonar is a site that has the 3rd largest crater in the planer and it is about 50,000 years old. Lonar is recognised as the World Heritage Site where a meteorite collided thousands of years ago. The best time to visit Lonar is October to March.

So, these are a few locations that are not frequently known yet they are beautiful!


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