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FDA approves mixing COVID vaccines; backs Moderna, J&J boosters

On Wednesday, the US regulators approved of giving COVID 19 boosters to American citizens who got Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine. They also stated that the eligible candidates can get an extra dose from any other brand of vaccine too.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) this decision is a big step to promote the US booster campaign that started with the Pfizer vaccine in September.


But before the campaign goes on the floor, the CDC will consult an expert panel Thursday before making the final decision on who should get the booster vaccine shots and when.

According to the latest announcement, tens of millions of American citizens are eligible for booster shots and they are allowing mixing and matching the vaccine shots. This makes it easier for people to get another dose. It is good for people who got a side effect from a certain vaccine but still want to be protected by COVID 19.


The FDA stated that a 3rd Moderna booster shot will be given to seniors and other people who are at high risk of getting COVID 19 because of their health issues. The booster shot is approved to be given 6 months after their last shot. People who have severe jobs and living conditions are also eligible for this category.

Another major change will be Moderna’s booster shot will be half of what was given in the first two shots to build immunity among people.


J&J which is known for its single-shot vaccine could get a second dose after 2 months of their first dose.

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