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Flights cancelled, schools closed as China fights coronavirus outbreak

Domestic outbreaks are terminated to a great extent, but as China went into the 5th day of new cases, the authorities have made the COVID 19 protocols rigorous.

The northern and northwestern areas are seeing new COVID 19 cases the most.


On Thursday, authorities have cancelled hundreds of flights and closed schools followed by mass testing to stop the spread of a new COVID 19 outbreak that is speculated to be linked to a group of tourists.

So far, Beijing is following a persistent zero-COVID approach with strict border closures and targeted lockdowns even though other countries have eased the COVID 19 restrictions.


The latest outbreak that is making news is linked to a senior citizen couple who were a part of a group of tourists flying from Shanghai before they went to Xi’an, Gansu and Inner Mongolia.

Dozens of cases were linked to their travel and they may have contact with at least 5 provinces, including the capital Beijing.


The local governments are doing mass testing and have closed the tourist spots, schools and entertainment venues in the affected areas. In some regions like Lanzhou – with a population of 4 million people – the government have asked the residents not to leave unless extremely necessary.

Those who want to leave for any reason; have to show a negative COVID 19 test report. More than 60% of the flights have been cancelled for Xi’an and Lanzhou airports.


In a notice published on Monday, Erenhot of Inner Mongolia asked the residents not to travel out of the city and even inside the city. They are asked to stay in their homes.

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