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15 words you can use instead of saying ‘very’

English has a sea of adjectives and with words like ‘very’, ‘so much’ you can use many impressive adjectives that will not only improve your vocabulary but it will also create a good impression on others and maybe improve their vocabulary too.

Today we will list 15 words that you can use instead of ‘very’ and where you can use them.

  • ‘very’ long term – ENDURING

This term is usually used for people who can hold things for a long time without any trouble especially negative emotions like pain, fury, anger etc.

  • ‘very’ nervous – APPREHENSIVE

This term is used when you are defining a nervous moment or describing a person’s traits.

  • ‘very’ strong – UNYIELDING

This term is self-explanatory that you can use when you are describing a thing or a person.

  • ‘very tasty’ – DELICIOUS

Delicious is a common term that we use when we eat good food, other adjectives that can go with this is marvellous, delightful.

  • ‘very tired’ – EXHAUSTED

This term is used when you describe your physical or mental state.

  • ‘very valuable’ – PRECIOUS

Precious is also a commonly used term to define things/people describing their value. ‘Priceless’ is another adjective that is used for similar situations.

  • ‘very’ neat – IMMACULATE

Describing things like clean and tidy, immaculate is a great adjective, to begin with.

  • ‘very risky’ – PERILOUS

Perilous comes from the word peril which means danger.

  • ‘very creative’ – INNOVATIVE

This term is often used to describe creative things/people and you will see it mostly in promotional stuff.

  • ‘very evil’ – WICKED

Harry Potter fans may have heard this term many times and that makes this adjective even more apt.

  • ‘very’ good – EXCELLENT

Some other adjectives that go with this one are outstanding, exceptional, superb etc.

  • ‘very’ light – LUMINOUS

Light has two meanings, hence, luminous will clear the doubt and also sound better with the sentence.

  • ‘very’ rich – WEALTHY

This term is commonly used to refer to rich persons/things.

  • ‘very’ roomy – SPACIOUS

The spacious term makes the entire sentence smaller and defines the situation better.


So, here were a few words that you can use instead of using ‘very’ again and again.

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