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A Lady accused by her husband of stealing Rs. 47 lacs and eloping with an auto-rickshaw driver in Indore

A woman, 45 years of age residing in the Khajrana area of Indore Madhya Pradesh has been accused of stealing Rs. 47 lacs from her husband’s almirah and eloping with a 32-year-old rickshaw driver.
The husband, a farmer had recently sold a property and given the cash to his wife for safekeeping in the almirah. On Friday finding his wife missing the farmer had checked in the almirah and found the money was missing too thereafter he conducted a search of the nearby areas before lodging a police complaint.

The Thana Incharge Dinesh Kumar Verma of the Khajrana police station has given a statement that the woman is from a well-to-do family. According to TI Verma, police teams have conducted search operations both for the woman and the autorickshaw driver in four cities namely Khandwa, Jaora, Ujjain, and Ratlam but both could not be found till the report had been filed with the police station.


the police are investigating the 32-year-old Rickshaw Driver who is 13 years younger than the woman he has probably eloped with.

The police investigation is revolving around tracing the movements of the couple in locations which they have known to be moving around by questioning the family members of the Auto Rickshaw driver.


Thana Incharge Dinesh Verma has further declared that the entire case will be crystal clear once the eloping woman along with the Autorickshaw driver is recovered and produced in police custody.