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Dune tops North American box office with 40 million dollars in opening weekend

The most anticipated sci-fi epic of the year is doing wonders in the box office after it was released in the theatres of the US and India on October 22.

Reportedly the movie’s HD version was leaked before its theatre release and HBO Max release. However, it looks like it didn’t affect this epic to get success.


Sci-Fi lover and director Denis Villeneuve’s Dune debuted the theatre with $40.1 million in the past weekend in North America.

This movie is also available at HBO Max but yet so many people decided to watch it on the big screen.


Warner Bros. was first sceptical about how the movie would do if it was released in 2021 due to the pandemic, Dune has been delayed for a long and it was a big question. Denis Villeneuve protested the decision to release it.

Last December he said in an interview with Variety that he sees the future of cinema only on the big screen.


Dune surpassed the debut of Godzilla vs. Kong in March that had made $31.7 million. Dune is a $165 million-budgeted movie and getting this kind of an opening is a victory for any of the studio’s hybrid releases.

The team was expecting a solid $30 to $35 million for Dune on their first week.


The distribution chief of Warner Bros said that it is a tremendous result that they have seen in the pandemic, he added that once the pandemic is over people would surely love to go to theatres to watch such films.

The movie has received pretty good ratings with 83% in Rotten Tomatoes (critics) and it is widely appreciated for its VFX and the entirety of the movie.


It also made good sales at IMAX screens with about $9 million in ticket sales.

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