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Minors fight resulted in stabbing and death of one 15 years old minor in Thane West, Mumbai

A fight between minor students in the same class resulted in the death of a 15 years old minor who was the son of a Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) staffer.

The incident occurred behind Shahu Maharaj School in Thane West, an area which is under the jurisdiction of Than Wagle estate police station who have registered a case against three minors and detained them in police custody. A fourth minor has escaped and the police have launched a search operation for the fugitive. The Four has been accused on the basis of CCTV recording available in the area.


The incident had taken place around 1 pm on Tuesday behind the school. The accused had a fight and had been slapped by another classmate with whom he had an argument on Monday.

The group of four boys had gathered behind the school resulting in escalation of the conflict, wherein one of the four boys present removed a knife and attacked other students. The deceased who was in the group tried to stop the attacker resulting in getting stabbed himself in the chest as found by investigating police officers.
The three students left the deceased on the spot near the drain in his own pool of blood.


The students were all identified via CCTV recording available and have detained their residencies.

The fight had been based on a minor issue. F.I.R. has been registered against the three minors detained.


The murder weapon (a knife) has been confiscated.

All three detainees will be produced in a Juvenile home on Wednesday as stated by a Police Officer.