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A new technology to be introduced by Google to remove pictures of minors (under 18) from their search engines.

Google officials have said that a new feature is about to be introduced wherein parents, guardians, or the minors themselves who are under 18 years of age can remove their pictures from the search engine of Google; this was announced in the month of August. Google introduced a broad aspect of the feature, and a help page has also been rolled out along with the feature to facilitate the users with the process.

A request is to be raised before the process; this includes the URL of the images to be removed, the terms of search which led to the visibility of the image, personal data like name, age of the minor, and the Guardian’s name, at the same time, describing the guardian’s relationship with the minor.


Google had declared that it would not take requests from older individuals who want to remove old photos of themselves when they were younger from the search engine if the requesting persons have already crossed the minor age limit.

Officials from Google has stated that any image requested will be removed unless it holds a more significant public interest to let it remain on the search engine. Still, definitely, a balanced removal could be done if such images are not removed but only identifiable traits such as names of the minor and their parents, also including their aliases.


Google declared that removing the pictures could be only possible from its search engine so that nobody could search and reach the image, but the image could not be removed from the web itself.