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19-year-old teen sentenced to 35 years in prison for devil oriented worship leading to double murder .

Danyal Hussein, a UK teenager, was found guilty on 6 July 2021 murdered two sisters Biba Henry, 40 years old, and Nicole Smallman, 27 years old, in a Country Park in London, Northwest area.
The sisters had been celebrating Henry’s birthday with friends; during a police investigation, it came to light from Danyal Hussein that he was under the belief of being part of a pact with demonic forces which would help him win a future lottery.
Danyal Hussein, who is 19 years old now, further clarified that the pact with the demonic forces was that he was supposed to carry out the killing of women in order to win a lottery. He further stated that his contract was made with the demon “Mighty King Lucifuge Rofocale.” The contract was signed in his blood; also, he had promised to perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months as long as he was free and physically capable of doing it.
The incident had occurred in Wembley’s Fryent Park, where the girls stayed alone early hours after the celebration with friends. They had taken 150 photos, the last one showing them looking sideways, probably the arrival of Danyal Hussein as believed by the police.
Police Detective Inspector of London’s Metropolitan Police said that he stabbed Henry eight times and Smallman suffered 28 wounds. He had then hidden the bodies in the woods, which were discovered by Smallman’s boyfriend.
Blood traces from Danyal’s injured hands, which prevented further murders, led the police to where he lived with his mother. He was detained, then officially arrested four weeks later.
Danyal Hussein was found guilty of all charges against him and sentenced to 35 years in prison by the British court.