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Acclaimed film industry director Mahesh Manjrekar diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer.

A director known for giving acclaimed films such as Vaastav: The Reality and awarded movies like Astitva, Mahesh Manjrekar, actor and director, was diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer.
His newest venture Antim: The final truth, starred by Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma, was not tampered with by cancer. He had shot the last part of the movie in between his chemotherapy sessions.
Mahesh Manjrekar, 63 years of age, was diagnosed with cancer during filmmaking. In an interview with IANS, he stated he never thought that it would turn out to be cancer as he was under medication for an overactive bladder; both diseases have similar symptoms,
He further stated that when he was diagnosed, he was not shocked as he had mentally prepared himself and was not affected when he went through chemotherapy sessions in between the filmmaking venture. Every fortnight chemotherapy sessions were happening. When he started losing his hair during the first cycle, he just shaved the entire head rather than go through the trauma of watching himself lose hair in front of the mirror.
He stated that he decided not to give much thought about his condition but rather concentrate on finishing the film and moving forward with surgery, as recovering from the surgery would take more prolonged healing. He further added that subconsciously he knew that he would survive the ordeal.
Antim: The Final Truth is to be rolled out in cinemas across the world on November 26th.