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5 Toxic daily habits that make you age faster

Well, well, in this world of intense work and absolutely no break followed by an extreme amount of stress for every other thing calls for rapid ageing.

Food is a fundamental player that is mostly readymade and junk that we consume all the time. How is it affecting our health?


Take out some time to dig into what common habits can lead to faster ageing. Maybe you can reduce them and be forever young or at least stay healthy.

  1. You lie down on the side to sleep

Most adults get into bed without giving a lot of thought to it but it can affect your body to a great level.


In research, scientists found that while you are sleeping – the compression to the face on the sides can lead to sleep wrinkles. This in turn in the long term worsens and leads to rapid ageing.

  1. Not using sunscreen regularly

Being exposed to sunlight for long hours can age your skin up to 80%. You will see signs like wrinkling, dryness, pigmentation, sagging etc.


In a survey, researchers analysed 900 people over 4 years and concluded that those who use sunscreen daily, their skin ages 24% less to those who don’t use sunscreen.

  1. Consuming too much sugar

You may not realize but sugar ages you faster. That’s why even if you don’t have diabetes; you must not have a lot of sugar.


And yes, too much sugar and stress can lead you to diabetes which has drastic effects when you age and above 45 years of age.

  1. You are not sleeping well

You might have read about this somewhere else as well but good and peaceful sleep is fundamental for your health and reduces ageing.


Adults don’t get adequate sleep; around 37% of Asians are sleep deprived according to a survey. In 2017-18, 32.6% of adults reported they sleep less than 6 hours.

A study from the University of California shows that lack of sleep even for a night make your body cells age faster.

  1. Excess screentime

Oh, how do we avoid that when our entire life has become a basis of excessive screentime and everything going digital.

60% of the people spend more than 6 hours in front of the screen which is extremely harmful but we don’t realize it.


Such exposure to high energy visible (HEV) from laptops, tablets, smartphones causes damage to your eyes and skin, which leads to ageing.

So, these are a few habits that we unconsciously do in our day to day lives but can try to reduce it significantly with healthy habits like putting a timer for the screentime, when it’s up, you ought to get out of it and using sunscreen as much as you can.


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