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Tesla CEO Elon Musk became the first person to have $300 billion’s net worth

Elon Musk has become the first person to have $300 billion of net worth; this happened just after Tesla’s share spiked by $10 billion in a day on Thursday after a huge deal disclosed with Hertz for rental giant for buying 100,000 of its vehicle.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s net worth is $199 billion; he is the second richest man on earth; Elon Musk surpasses him by $100 billion.
Tesla’s CEO net worth is now more than the annual GDP of nations like Greece, Portugal, and the Czech Republic are some of the few to be named. Even he surpassed the market value of Netflix, and Paypal, the company, was co-founded by him.


In another series of events with an estimated $2.46 trillion market cap, Microsoft became the world’s most valuable company when an apple share went down four percent to $2.41 trillion.
Microsoft has, for the first time, earned this place by surpassing Apple since early 2020.

Observing a notable increase in Tesla’s CEO assets, the country’s lawmakers have been trying to introduce a new billionaires tax which would include the nation’s approximately 700 billionaires.


The plan being is to tax a gain on a billionaire’s asset even if the concerned owner still holds the asset, while the current law states that a gain can only be taxed if the owner sells the asset and makes a profit, not surprisingly Tesla’s CEO Musk and other billionaires are not pleased with proposed tax as Musk would be liable to pay a one-time $50 billion tax.