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Daler Mehndi commented sharply on the ethics of remixing old original Bollywood songs for movies.

Every Indian has danced to tunes like Tunak Tunak, Balle Balle, Bolo Tara Rara, Kala Kauwa Kaat Khayega, and many others once in their lifetime; all these songs were sung by the veteran singer Daler Mehndi. In 1995, he became an overnight sensation after his Punjabi debut album Bolo Tara Rara; since then, he has given many hit songs that have made people dance.

Currently, he is receiving appreciation for recreating the song, Aila Re Ailaa from the movie Sooryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar.


Bollywood has been creating recreated versions of yesteryear hit songs for movies for the past few years by adding a slight contemporary touch. For instance, there are a dozen examples of Mr. India’s Hawa Hawaii for Tumhari Sulu, from Qurbani Laila Main Laila for Raees, and many more.

On Bollywood’s recreating of songs, Daler stated that the original pieces shouldn’t be ruined by giving it to someone who doesn’t know the song to edit or remix it. He further stated that no one can do justice to songs sung by Rafi or Kishore Kumar and that if you need to make a remake of old songs, you have to retain the original voice.


Retaining the original voice doesn’t mean that the singer wants to earn money but to do justice with the recognition of the old song. Daler Mehndi has been known for his large-heartedness; he has done shows free out of love for friendship, singing at Mame Khan’s daughter’s wedding is a true example to cite.