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Giving reference to a Supreme Court Order District Magistrate of Gurgaon has allowed using green firecracker for two hours on Diwali day.

The general public protesting against the ban of firecrackers on Diwali day against the government’s decision stating that it has hurt the religious sentiments of the public, they will be getting a relief two-hour window from 8 PM to 10 PM on November 04th in Gurgaon. The District Magistrate of Gurgaon has agreed to the two-hour window & has passed the same order on Saturday based on an earlier decision passed on by the Supreme court of India.

However, the condition underlining the order is that all types of normal air & sound polluting firecrackers have been banned; the usage of Green Firecrackers is only allowed as they emit very low levels of both Sound/Air pollutants.


The Supreme court of India had banned the use & sale of all types of firecrackers this year based on the air quality during the Covid-19 period, especially if air quality falls under the poor category, all firecrackers are banned, but, if in the concerned cities the air quality is considered to be moderate by the deciding authorities, then Green Firecrackers could be used for a limited scheduled time only, which again would not be more than two hours.

Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg of Gurgaon has stated that the Haryana State Pollution Board, which has been keeping track of the air quality of Gurgaon for the past seven days, has reported it to be in an acceptable moderate category based on previous Supreme Court orders.


According to the order issued, the police department has been strictly informed to ensure no sale of banned firecrackers. Officials of the pollutions control board have been directed to keep monitoring levels of aluminium, barium, and iron to aid in data generation of pollution.