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A woman was sedated, raped & blackmailed for extortion by an alleged “GODMAN” in Kerala.

A woman of Kazhakootam district in Kerala was raped by a fraud godman who had laced her special Puja’s Prasadam with sleeping pills resulting in rendering the woman unconscious for more than a couple of hours.

Later on, he had taken nude pictures of the unconscious sedated woman & extorted her for money, gold ornaments weighing 30 sovereigns threatening to viral her nude photographs. The alleged Godman named Dileep, a 37 years old, residing at MSK Nagar claimed that he was blessed by the deity “Manthramoorty”, under whose guidance he performed special Pujas for believers at their residences to make their lives better & remove any obstacles which were hindering their happiness.


The woman heard about him & had approached him to get rid of obstacles in her life causing delays in her marriage, resulting in the incident. The Godman’s miraculous feats of which he was capable lured the woman to him in the first place. He had then drugged her to click nude pictures of the sedated woman in the Pooja room itself, these images were then used for blackmailing, sexual exploitation, and extortion.

Moreover, as reported in the Times of India, the Godman started physically harassing the woman as soon as he learned that she had got engaged to another man.


The Godman has been placed under arrest by the Fort Police Inspector Rakesh along with his team for rape & extortion. The fraud Godman Dileep has been remanded to judicial custody as stated by The Times of India, Thiruvanthapuram.