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Department of Traffic Police in Pune has planned to shut down 23 autorickshaw stands for better traffic movement.

Deputy Commissioner of Pune Police Rahul Shrirame informed the Indian Express during an interview on Sunday that the Traffic Police Department has decided to shut down at least 23 autorickshaw stands located in different parts of Pune city.

The most pressing reason being traffic chaos occurring due to the presence of these autos on a particular road, the second most reason being that these stand in their specific locations have been found unsuitable from a security point of view too, keeping in mind a recent case wherein multiple men in September raped a 14-year-old girl. Most of the accused in this case were autorickshaw drivers. Around 72,000 autorickshaws are plying on Pune roads, and they have about 550 autorickshaw stands. Only those rickshaw stands which are essential to the public, which do not add to the traffic congestion, and which are fit from the security point of view will remain in place.


Strict action will be taken against autorickshaw drivers who violate traffic norms by unsafe driving, not displaying phone numbers prominently on their vehicles, not wearing uniforms, not possessing (licenses, badges, and permits). Seventeen thousand drivers have been found violating the above traffic norms in the past two months. The traffic police have now been advised to take strict action against those autorickshaw drivers who violate the laid down traffic norms in the city of Pune.