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On the International Space Station NASA’s Astronauts growing peppers, First Chilli Taco made in outer space.

Astronauts have grown chilli peppers in outer space aboard the International Space Station; Astronaut Meghan McArthur said they have finally tasted the first lot of chilli peppers they have been growing in outer space for the past four months. She has tweeted on Friday that they were the best tacos made in outer space, adding freshly grown chillies to rehydrated tomatoes & artichokes.

This chilli planting experiment had been the most complex one to date, as stated earlier by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration officials. They further added that this experiment aimed to explore all avenues to sustain explorers on long space journeys beyond the earth’s orbit, lasting probably for months or extending to years like probable travel to Mars.


If the experiment is successful on a larger scale, it would be very beneficial; otherwise, supplying food to sustain the explorers would present a very complex logistical challenge, both expensive and also time taking; on the other hand, delivery of packaged foods for a more prolonged period also results in degradation of the food resulting in loss of particular nutrients like Vitamin C & Vitamin K as stated by NASA’s officials.

Since 2015 Explores stationed in outer space have grown several crops, but peppers were selected for a higher source of nutrients & Vitamin C; these peppers have been grown in a sanitized device called “Science Carrier”.