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Tourism industry in Jammu and Kashmir have introduced the first floating theatre on Dal Lake in Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta has inaugurated an open-air floating theatre on the famous Dal Lake in Kashmir. The natural beauty of Kashmir has been praised and inspired by men through the centuries. In fact, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had once stated after looking at the scenic beauty of Kashmir that ” If ever there was a heaven on earth, it is here , it is here, it is here.” Bollywood filmmakers have called it a paradise for photographers.

During the week-long celebration, a Shikara rally was organized decorated with shining lights while crossing through Nehru Park to Kabootar Khaana; the rally included singing and dancing to Kashmiri songs by local artists, which enhanced the entertainment to invited guests and passersby’s. The yesteryear Bollywood produced film “Kashmir ki Kali” was shown to tourists and residents in the floating theatre area.


Jammu and Kashmir government tourism and culture department secretary Sarmad Hafeez stated that this theatre would definitely benefit tourism in J&K as the concept of open-air theatre on a lake is unique for the whole world. The theatre has a great demand for evening activities which is beneficial to the adjacent Shikara houseboat owners and also to the hotel industry, which welcomes tourists open-heartedly. He further stated that the entire tourist industry had been vaccinated; hence Jammu and Kashmir can be considered safe from the Covid-19 point of view.

The Secretary congratulated the tourist department for organizing such a far-sighted initiative which will showcase the beauty of Jammu & Kashmir as one of its kind, as depicted several times in Bollywood movies.