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Two daughters beat their father for having an extramarital affair

In the Hanuman Nagar area of Bhilwara district Rajasthan, two daughters beat up their father, who was having an extramarital relationship, a video of this incident has been going viral on the internet.

The incident occurred when the father was travelling with the woman in a four-wheeler with whom he was having an affair. The two daughters tried to stop the vehicle but could not succeed on their own. Later, with the help of local residents, the four-wheeler was stopped.


The sisters then started beating their father in the middle of the road and also tried to assault the woman their father was travelling with. The girls were seen asking their father that wasn’t he ashamed of this affair even when he had two daughters??, according to a report published by India Today.

The local residents intervened later, following which the woman travelling with their father fled the spot. There has been no filing of complaint regarding this matter so far.


The IT report stated that the sister duo claimed that this extramarital relationship of their father has been causing harm to their family’s life and peace. They also said that their mother has been going through a stressful time due to this ongoing extramarital relationship of their father.