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Civil Engineer becomes chain snatcher after not being happy with his salary

In Nagpur, Maharashtra, a young civil engineer became a chain snatcher for having dissatisfaction with salary. He was recently arrested by the police for his involvement in chain snatching cases numbering 56.

The accused has been identified as Umesh Patil, 27-year old. He completed his engineering in 2015 and began working with a contractor; his father works as a security guard in Mumbai. Umesh Patil was not satisfied with the amount of salary he was earning and hence took the decision to enter the world of crime.


Tushar Dhikle was a partner of Umesh; they both worked together in at least 20 chain-snatching cases. In November 2020, the duo ended their association, after which Umesh Patil single-handedly snatched 36 chains.

It was on October 21 that two policemen noticed Umesh Patil going at a slow speed on a two-wheeler; the police suspected him and started following him. As Patil saw a woman wearing gold jewellery, he took a U-turn and started approaching the woman. The cops then speeded up their bike and tried to stop Patil, which led the three to fall off their vehicles, sustaining injuries. However, the cops were successful in apprehending the accused.


The police found Rs 2.5 lakh cash and 27 gold chains at Patil’s residence which was worth Rs 29.32 lakh. The accused was waiting for the gold prices to increase in order to earn more money.

This was the highest number of gold chains ever recovered by an accused said DCP Tambe of the Nashik Police.