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Over 2.2 Million Indian Accounts were banned by WhatsApp in September

According to a compliance report, more than 2.2 million Indian accounts were banned by WhatsApp. The messaging platform received around 560 grievance reports in September.

On Monday, WhatsApp, in its latest report, stated that around 2,209,000 accounts of Indians were banned in September. It also added that how an Indian account was identified via a ’91’ phone number.


A WhatsApp spokesperson stated that Whatsapp is trying its best to prevent abuse among its end-to-end encrypted messaging services. He further said that they are consistently investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies and tactics, including Data Scientists & Experts, in order to keep the platform safe for each and every user.

WhatsApp has published its four monthly report in accordance with IT Rules 2021 for the period of 30 days for September (1-30), which contains the complaints of users and the actions taken by WhatsApp to solve the issue. The report also includes the details of action taken by WhatsApp to prevent abuse on their platform.


In the latest September’s report, WhatsApp statistics claimed that they had received user grievance reports totalling 560 numbers, which can be further bifurcated as 309 for a ban appeal, 32 for safety issues, 49 for each of Product support and other support, lastly 121 for account support.

Previously it was reported by WhatsApp that the reason behind more than 95 per cent of its ban on user account was due to unauthorised bulk or spam messages being sent. Globally on an average, WhatsApp bans around 8 million accounts to prevent abuse which could cause grievances on its platform.