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Top 5 easy to make Diwali dishes and sweets at home

Diwali is just around the corner and sweets, snacks and delicious recipes are cooking at everyone’s homes. If you have a lot of guests coming in this Diwali then you must peak a look at some of the best Diwali dishes that you can cook or make at home.

  1. Chakli

Chakli is the most popular snack that goes from one house to the other during Diwali. It can be prepared in a variety of shapes and sizes and if you are busy then you can just buy some of it from the sweet store.

  1. Zafrani Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is my favourite sweet, and what is a good Diwali without such mouth-watering sweets?

This Kaju Katli is everyone’s favourite and adding cashews, saffron makes it healthier.

  1. Moong Dal Samosa

It is a bit different from your regular aloo samosa and this gives a smacking tangy taste that all of your friends and family will love.

Moong Dal is healthy and easy to digest, so you don’t have to worry about your stomach with this samosa.

  1. Shahi Tukda

Fried bread loafs dipped in a thick mix of milk and nuts, sounds quite English but when you make it, it is so Indian. People with a sweet tooth love Shahi Tukda as it is dipped in so much sweet and it is a fabulous dessert option for Diwali.

Also, did you know, you can just make it in 45 minutes?

  1. Nariyal Barfi

I think from the above list, Nariyal barfi is the easiest to make, it is a popular and must-have dish for Diwali. It is made of coconut, sugar, and milk and cardamom powder and when made at home, it is just marvellous.

So, here are a few dishes that you can try out for the most awaited festival – DIWALI!


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