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Carbon Emissions targeted to reach zero level by PM Narendra Modi till the year 2070

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared 2070 as the targeted year for Net Zero Carbon emissions in India.

According to the Chairman & MD of State refinery, Hindustan Petroleum Corp (HPCL) Mr. Mukesh Surana, targeting zero carbon emissions will not affect the peak seen in the oil demand forecast.


India, being the world’s third-largest consumer & importer of oil as India imports 85% of its oil needs & is seen as the main factor in driving global oil demand growth. According to the estimates by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in World energy outboard 2021 has stated that in 2019 oil consumption in India was 4.8 Million Barrels per day (BPD) estimated to grow at 7.2 million (BPD) in 2030 & 9.2 million (BPD) in 2050.

PM Modi has said that renewables shares in India’s energy mixing are expected to rise up to 50% from the present 38% title the year 2030, which will further deplete the projected carbon emissions by a billion tonnes.


Mr. Mukesh Surana said different forms of energy will be needed to meet the increasing energy demand of the country but as per the assessment made a peak in the oil demand will be reached only around the year 2040.

India is the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon gases hence its major plan is to increase more usage of Natural gas, Bio-fuels, ethanol mixed gasoline & Green hydrogen, which will result in an immense reduction of carbon gases to reach the net-zero carbon emission target set for the year 2070.