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These 7 Habits Are Increasing Your Risk of Brain Stroke

There are quite many lifestyle habits that you may be neglecting now and it can prove harmful in the future. You must look after your health now so that you don’t suffer in your old age no matter how much you think you are healthy and well.

One of the many reasons unhealthy life habits can increase the chances of Brain stroke. To know about the risk, first, let’s see what a brain stroke is.


When the blood supply to various parts of the brain is interrupted, it prevents the brain tissue to get oxygen and leads to a brain stroke.

Dr Raj Agarbattiwala who is an experienced Neurosurgeon at the Masina Hospital shared in an interview, the 7 ways to reduce the risk of Brain stroke:

  1. Unhealthy diet

A not-so-balanced diet is the main culprit behind a lot of strokes and deadly diseases; brain stroke is one of them. Diets that contain a lot of fat and cholesterol increase your chances of getting heart disease and too much amount of salt raises your BP levels.

  1. Physically inactive

With COVID 19 physically inactivity as much as it could, it can increase your chances of stroke because when you just sit and don’t do anything apart from your job on your laptop – you are exercising your brain and not your body. Eventually, you will face conditions like Obesity, High blood pressure, diabetes.

  1. Obesity

It is the excess body fat that accumulates in your body. The condition is linked to high levels of ‘bad cholesterol’ and low amounts of ‘good cholesterol’.

  1. Excess Alcohol

Did you know too much alcohol can not only affect your liver but also increase your chances of a brain stroke?


Excess alcohol increases your blood pressure levels and triglyceride levels that hardens your arteries.

  1. Tobacco

People who smoke have higher chances to face this sort of stroke; it damages your blood vessels. The nicotine in cigarettes raises blood pressure and the carbon monoxide reduces that amount of oxygen that goes into your body. Passive smoking can also have a similar outcome.

  1. Contraceptive Pills

Consumption of contraceptive pills increases the risk of stroke. The pills have oestrogen in them which can trigger brain stroke.

So, here are a few precautions that you must follow — DON’T GO FOR THIS LIFESTYLE, and even if you do consume all of it, make sure it is occasional and not a constant. Also, daily exercise is something you must have in your schedule.


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