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Indonesian Zoo takes great initiative to save Komodo Dragons from extinction

Komodo dragons are in new danger by the climate changes, and these are the world’s most giant lizards that are going to extinct.

The Komodo dragons are only found on the remote island of Komodo and some other islands in eastern Indonesia. In September, these giant lizards have got their name listed in the Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to increasing threats to them by the impact of climate changes. It also wanted that the suitable habitat of Komodo Dragon is going to reduce by at least 30% by the next 45 years due to Rising Sea Levels and Global Temperature.


The Indonesian Zoo officials hope that this initiative to save Komodo Dragons from climate change will draw the attention of the World Leaders gathering at Glasgow to take significant steps in fighting the climate changes.

Since this initiative took place, the zoo officials have successfully increased the population of its Komodo Dragons up to 108 adults and 35 young lizards, with around 40 eggs being incubated.


The proper humidity and temperature are a must for their optimal mating, said Rukin, the zookeeper. He also said they hope that dragons kept and bred in captivity were fit to return to wildlife.

He further added that this project would ensure that the kids from the future generation are able to see Komodo Dragons in real life and not their photos in the list of some extinct species.