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The 4 essential skills to add to your resume to find remote work in 2021

Although the pandemic has started to normalize, finding a job has become a big hassle for job seekers. There has been a sharp fall in employment and new jobs because of COVID 19.

At the same time, there has been a rise in work from home culture and remote jobs that let you work according to your convenience without any office-time-bound restrictions.


But when people work remotely, there isn’t one particular system to monitor people so the companies want to be as productive as possible with the little time given to them.

Today we will discuss 5 significant skills that are trending to find remote work in 2021. This way you get to stay home and make the most out of your time.

  • Digital and programming skills

Since the pandemic began, people with excellent digital marketing skills and programming skills have been bagging big package jobs.

Skills like web development, web designing, digital marketing, and programming are very much in demand. All you have to do is take a short course to get the basics and then start excelling in it.

  • Social networking

Every business is trying to get maximum views and recognition on social media. People are hired just to handle social media where they make social media plans and reels to gain more followers.

Many companies don’t have a specific set of people under ‘social media team’ or ‘social media manager’.  Hence, this is something in demand.

  • Tech skills

Skills like the Internet of things, Data science, Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence has a great demand in the market nowadays.

According to a report by Infoempleo, they say that employees with specific knowledge about cloud software and collaborative work tools have a massive demand nowadays.

  • Soft skills

Self–discipline and good communication skills are extremely necessary when you are working remotely. As you don’t see your colleagues physically, you have to make sure that the message is conveyed.

Adding the essential soft skills in your resume will tell the employers that you can put your good communication skills to effective use.


So, here are a few things that you must try out to find work from home jobs and avoid physical offices.

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