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Twitter Now Allows You to Listen to Spaces without an Account

If you are or you’re not a Twitter user, now you can listen to twitter spaces without an account. Before we get into it let us see what twitter spaces are.

It is an audio chatroom where people come together to discuss different topics. It can either be 2 people talking and others listening, or several people talking at once. This is a unique feature that was introduced by Twitter after clubhouse got popularity — which is now less seen than before.


A few months back, the clubhouse became immensely popular and random people came together to chat on their favourite topics. One drawback of this app is you can only use it if someone has invited you in. However, Twitter soon bought spaces that didn’t have such requirements but only one — only big accounts with many followers can host spaces that are more than 600 followers but now they have introduced this feature for smaller accounts too. Now everyone can host spaces.

Ok, now let’s take a look at how can you listen to spaces without an account. With this feature, all users have to do is share the link of the spaces with others like a youtube live link and people can join it without logging in.


However, there will be one drawback is people can’t speak in the spaces if they don’t have an account but only listen. This latest feature was introduced to both Android and iOS so that more and more people can join Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces announced this new feature on their platform on November 5. This feature is very useful and easy as people can join in just the way they join youtube lives.


As we talked about before, Twitter is trying to keep up with their rivals Clubhouse and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms. In Twitter Spaces, there can be 11 speakers at a time.

Recently in September, Twitter also included the recordings and replay feature so that even after the space is over – users can listen to it later. As most of the users are on smartphones, these features are limited to that. It is possible that Twitter broadens its spectrum and introduces the same features in the web version as well.


So, if you are an avid podcast listener and love to talk, you must consider using spaces for you and your community to have some fundamental discussions and fun.

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