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ZyCov-D from Zydus Cadila under Government preview for mass inoculation drive of population aged 12 years & above

Preparations to introduce India’s first indigenously developed DNA-based Covid vaccine named ZyCov- D made by Zydus Cadila have been initiated on orders of the Indian Union Health Ministry.

This vaccine is based on a DNA-based Covid jab which most likely will be tried on adults initially under the vaccination drive being undertaken in the country by the government.


Zydus Cadila has agreed to keep constant pricing of Rs. 265 per dose of its vaccine as agreed upon with the negotiators appointed by the government.

ZyCov-D is the first vaccine given the go-ahead as per the Drug regulations of India for inoculating population aging 12 years and above.


A cost of Rs. 93 for a disposable painless jet applicator for administering the vaccine when added brings the total cost per dose to Rs. 358 as compared to a three-dose vaccine costing a total of Rs. 1900 made by an Ahemdabad based pharmaceutical company.

ZyCov-D vaccine’s total three doses are to be inoculated 28 days apart in between each dose taken by a particular person; this dose includes a shot in each arm.


Zydus Cadila’s Managing Director, Dr. Shravil Patel, stated that this needle-free vaccine would motivate the population, especially the one between 12years and eighteen years; he also declared his happiness in supporting the government’s fight against COVID -19.

(NTAGI) The National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation is yet to recommend the introduction of ZyCov-D to the awaiting government in the vaccination drive for the population with co-morbidities, including both adults and children.


The pricing of ZyCov-D will differ from the original Covaxin & Covishield on certain aspects like the new vaccine is going to be a three-dose one rather than being a two-dose like the original vaccines used in the drive, it also requires a special pharma jet injector which will affect the price range.

The jet applicator helps the penetration of the fluid from the vaccine into the skin to enter the cells of the person being inoculated; each jet applicator can be administered in 20,000 doses as claimed by an official source.


Zydus Cadila can manufacture approx two crore doses in the month of November, as claimed by sources.

The other vaccines already in the inoculation drive are in use for the population of 18 years & above, while 12 years & above can be covered by ZyCov-D.