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Chennai Floods: Heavy rains affect rail, road transport; power cuts in several areas

Heavy rains in Chennai have started affecting the lives of many this week. The IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) has issued a red alert in parts of northern Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Chengelpet, Villupuram, Ranipet and Cuddalore.

In the recent bulletin of IMD, the weather system was moving west-north-west direction at the speed of 4 kmph. They further added that the rain will continue to move in that direction and cross north Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh by Thursday evening.


Several roads in Chennai were flooded today and the traffic police closed around 7 roads and 11 subways. They also created diversions across Chennai for the commuters. Due to this, many trains were cancelled and delayed. On the other hand, the Airport Authority of India said that flight operations were functional and special arrangements are being made at the airport to fight the adverse weather.


Chennai’s Ashok Nagar stay flooded due to heavy rains.

The Chennai Traffic Police released a list of roads that were damaged due to heavy rains for the people.

  • Thirumalaipillai Road near KamarajarIllam
  • Roads near Vani Mahal junction are blocked hence traffic is diverted to Vani Mahal-Benz Park junction

A farmer’s body on Wednesday stated that at least ‘5 lakh acres’ of paddy crops were destroyed due to the heavy rains and demanded the TN Government Rs 50,000 as compensation per hectare. On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu government said they have directed authorities to the Cauvery delta region to analyse the damage.

Paddy crops are grown in Samba and Thaladi of Cauvery delta including Thanjavur and Nagapattinam, all these areas were destroyed. The president of TN Federation of All Farmers Associations, PR Pandian said that they demand Rs 50,000 as compensation for the farmers.


The unexpected rainfall in Chennai and also in some other parts of India is an indication of how weather patterns have changed drastically due to climate change. Global warming and Climate change have become bigger issues than the pandemic and the danger is hovering right above our heads but no one wants to pay attention to it. It is time that the global summits that are taking place are followed and the exponentially swift change in climate and weather patterns can be changed.

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