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Google just banned 150 dangerous Android apps, so delete them from your phone

With every other IT guy starting their startup, a new app pops up in the Play store and a lot of them are scams and it can be dangerous for your phone. Recently Google banned around 150 apps that you should look out for.

Avast, which is a cybersecurity company reported scam apps through their campaign in the previous month. According to the data collected by them, 151 apps in Play Store were a part of the SMS scam campaign. These fake apps pretend as genuine tools, right from camera filters, QR code scanners and photo editors and their goal is to sign you up for expensive SMS services. In a blink of an eye, all your money is gone even before you realize it.


One such app is UltimaSMS App, after you download it, it records your phone location, IMEI, phone number, country code for the scam. When you open the app, it asks for your phone number and email. After you submit your details, it will sign you up for an SMS service that costs up to $40 a month. It then shows more subscription options or stops working. It then charges you money every week.

How are people falling for these scams?


Avast explained in their research that these scam apps are identical to genuine apps and they are well-constructed too. The profiles of these apps are structured and with their enticing photos, they grab your attention. With a catchy description and good rating, people tend to fall for it. With a closer look users will also see that they have identified the app as a scam.

These apps are even promoted on social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and they can’t even stop it. It is all up to you now; make sure to check everything before you download any app from Playstore. Check the complete list of banned apps here.


Android users have downloaded these apps more than 10.5 million times but it is a relief that Google has considered Avast’s list of scam apps and banned all of them. Scam apps are going to keep appearing from time to time as there is no tight security in the Play store to stop them, hence we must be careful about it and check all the ratings and reviews before downloading them.

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