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Instagram to roll out text-to-speech feature and voice effects for Reels

Instagram are at their peak to make the most out of reels. From giving small accounts recognition to working on exclusive content membership, Instagram has come far away from just being a photo-sharing app.

Instagram is rolling out a new feature and that is new voice effects and text-to-speech effects for reels. The text-to-speech feature was available in stories for some users and now it will be available for reels as well. These two features can be used when you are editing your reels. It will make it more interactive. Announcing the feature, Instagram posted on their handle that they are coming up with these 2 features with a link on how to use them.


Instagram will give users a chance to use an artificial voice in the Reels to read absolutely anything instead of using their voice. However, this feature is already available on TikTok (which is currently banned in India) so it won’t be anything new for them. Content creators can start using this feature in the upcoming week. The 2 features will be available for both Android and iOS users. To get the latest feature you have to update the app.

Recently, Instagram announced a new feature called ‘take a break’ that will remind users to detox from the app for a while when they are continuously scrolling. One interesting thing about this feature is that you can set the reminder according to your convenience. Check its full story here.


Instagram reels have become the next TikTok of India after it was banned. Along with good content, there is a lot of non-worthy and copied content that get tons of views. It has, however, given a lot of traction to small accounts that were never noticed before. Reels of artists and their art instantly go viral in reels gaining more than 1000 views in a few minutes. This has helped accounts to grow much faster than before. Reels are also offering quirky and trendy stickers, sounds and effects that help creators make the most out of their talent without a lot of effort (but it is a lot of effort to make reels)!

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