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Google Photos brings new features to iOS users with Google One subscription

iOS users who are subscribed to Google One will be getting access to new and cool editing features like Portrait Light, Portrait Blur and Smart suggestions. Although not many iOS users look forward to editing their photos on Google Photos, here is a list of new features that you can use to edit your pictures.



Portrait Light: This feature let users add artificial lighting effects to portraits or pictures of people. The brightness and the positioning of the lighting can be customized by users.

Blur: This feature is available in advanced photo editing apps and now you can blur backgrounds of photos that were not taken in portrait mode before.


Colour Focus:  This feature desaturates the background of the photo while the main element of the photo (like a person or an object) is colourful. This makes the subject stand out even better.

HDR: This feature enhances your image by balancing the brightness and contrast of the photo.


Sky: This tool helps you change the texture and pattern of the sky. There are many interesting options that you can choose from.

Who will get these features?


All iPhone users with the latest iOS 14 update will have access to these features as long as they are Google One subscribers. These features were already available for Android users who are subscribed to Google One.

Recently, Google removed the famous Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos of Pixel 6. Google acknowledged the issue and said that they are going to fix that feature soon.


Google Photos without a Google One subscription has basic editing tools that let you make your photos look good. For professional editing, you can opt for the subscription or use other apps like LightRoom, VSCO, Polarr, PicsArt etc. There are many other apps where you can transform your photos professionally without a lot of effort.

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