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How to clean a keyboard in less than 5 minutes

Keyboards, monitors, laptops, mobiles, are all an essential part of our lives now but we barely care about it. They are like spectacles – you use them rigorously but forget to take care of them. Today we will take a look at some tips and tricks that you can use to clean your keyboard easily.

This is specifically for detachable keyboards and not laptop ones; however you can apply some of them to your laptop too!

  • Switch of your computer

The first step to clean your keyboard is to turn off your computer and unplug the keyboard.

  • Turn your keyboard

Turn your keyboard upside down and shake it gently to dust away any debris that is residing in your keyboard for a long time. You might want to do this outside your home.

  • Use a cleaning brush

You can use a small cleaning brush like this one to clean your keyboard or something similar to it. There are many small brushes available that you can use for your computer cleaning and keyboard cleaning.

  • Use a sticky note

Often a lot of dust is collected in between the buttons; you can remove it by slotting the sticky note easily.

  • Washing the keyboard

If your keyboard supports washing and it has removable keys then you can individually wash everything and put them back once it is completely dried off.

  • Using a cotton bud

For laptop keyboards, you can dip cotton buds in alcohol and dab them on the keys to clean them. Make sure the cotton buds are not soaked too much.


How often should you clean your keyboard?

This is a broad question as it depends upon the use of the keyboard. If you are regularly using your desktop/laptop then you must clean it once a week. If you are sharing the laptop with others then you must clean it regularly as keyboards have a lot of dust which means it has a lot of bacteria too. Keyboard cleaning should be a part of your other cleaning routine.


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