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Singham 3 not releasing until 2023 said the filmmaker Rohit Shetty

The audience is excited too much for the third installment of the cop drama movie Singham, Filmmaker Rohit Shetty said that he knows the audience’s excitement level but the film cannot be released until 2023.

After the latest blockbuster of Rohit Shetty, Sooryavanshi. The director teased his popular franchise, Singham’s third installment starring Ajay Devgn.


In the climax of the latest blockbuster Sooryavanshi, some light was shed on the third installment of Singham which showed that the director might set the plot of the movie in Kashmir regarding the backdrop of the cancellation of Article 370.

In August 2019, the Government abolished Article 370 which gave a special status to Jammu and Kashmir.


On being asked about the same by PTI news, Rohit Shetty that it is good that people are saying things, this happens to every big movie. It is okay that people make up their own stories.

The Director said that he hasn’t made the final draft and that the whole team only has an “idea” of how would the movie’s story would look like.


Rohit Shetty also disclosed that he is already busy with an upcoming movie “Cirkus” starring Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn also has a pending movie slate and that Singham 3 is not on the table right now.

He further said that they only have a basic idea of “Singham 3” as in reality they are making Cirkus and will depart for the final schedule of the movie in Ooty on 2 December.


Rohit Shetty said that because of the pandemic Ajay Devgn has pending upcoming projects, so he won’t be able to shoot for a year.

He also added, this is understandable that after the climax scene of Sooryavanshi, the audience wants Singham 3, but unfortunately, the movie is not coming anytime before 2023.


In 2011, Singham was released and immediately became a blockbuster. In 2014, Singham 2 was released which too became a hit.

At last, Director Rohit Shetty said that the third installment of Singham has more action, and thus, it would take him more time to finalize the draft and that it would take time to implement the project.