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UN COP26 Summit for a Climate deal with 200 Nations turning up to expectations says UK Prime Minister

The presence of almost 200 Nations at the UN COP26 Summit was in itself a global accord to enhance speedy action against climate change as hailed by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He further added that even though he hailed the accord, he couldn’t help getting a feeling of disappointment as the Summit could not secure total agreement from all nations present.


The agreement was for all countries that were present at the Glasgow Summit to phase out emissions of hydrocarbons to halt global warming even after a very tough negotiation round lasting almost for two weeks now.

Two hundred nations present did sign a deal against emitting hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, but as per scientists, the negotiations have fallen out of the mark from what was required to contain dangerous rises.


Both India & China insisted on a language change in the agreement pertaining to changing “Phase out” to “Phase Down”.

British COP26 President Alok Sharma stated that these Asian Giant nations should clarify their decisions; UK PM Johnson stated that the actual nations facing floods, probable famines expecting higher results from the Summit, would be disappointed.


UK PM Boris Johnson further added without naming India & China that, sadly, this was the nature of diplomatic relations that many of the 200 nations were agreeable to go & do whatever action needed, but some nations were not willing to complete agreement.

He further said that they could lobby for a proposal, try cajoling an unwilling nation to agree. Still, they could not use force against any sovereign nation to terms the unwilling country is not agreeing upon.


The decision for the unwilling nations will ultimately be their own to make & also their own decision to keep standing by that till the global results of reduced percentage of emitted hydrocarbons are achieved.

According to PM Johnson, in the previous Summit of 2015, it was pledged to bring down the global warming percentage down by at least 1.5 to 2.0 degrees celsius, which was not achieved as per date.


In the present Summit too, the percentage pledged is two-degree celsius reduction of global warming by reducing the emission of Hydro Carbons in the atmosphere.

PM Johnson was still glad that the world is heading in the right direction & it is needed that all countries keep their pledge on a priority level.