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Stressing Out About a Tough Decision? Make it Easy with the 5-Minute ‘Ladder Rule’

All of us face tough decisions in our lives some or the other way. Sometimes they are exhausting and you can’t conclude what you should do about it. Does that decision deserve that much attention and time of yours?

Maybe not but you give it all your time and still don’t decide what you should do about it. Today we will talk about how you can make tough decisions easily using the ‘Ladder Rule’.


First step

Before you make a decision, ask yourself 2 questions-

  • Is your decision going to be noticeable and impact society?
  • Is it time-sensitive?

If the answer to both is ‘no’, then you can relax because you have time to decide and there are not many people hovering over your head to make the decision.

Second Step


Give yourself some time and space.

When you are further analysing your decision, concentrate on it for 5 minutes straight without any distractions. Now that you can focus, you can make actual decision-making.


Third step

Write down the pros and cons


We all do this when we are contemplating what to do next. Make a list of pros and cons that will happen if you go ahead with your decision and what will happen if you turn down the decision or choose an alternative.

Fourth step


Define the best possible outcome

Now that you have the list of pros and cons of your decision, circle the best possible pro that will happen if you take this decision and also the second-best, in case the first one doesn’t work out.


So yeah, these might be applied many times by many people but this small exercise gives your decision making a map, instead of just taking them without thinking about consequences. When you plan your decisions like this, you are aware of the benefits and risks of it.

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