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Top Daily Prices and Numbers you must know about (Today’s Petrol and Diesel Price, Gold Price, Sensex, COVID 19 cases) and much more

Get to know what is going on in India with our special report of petrol prices, diesel prices, gold prices, Sensex prices, COVID 19 cases, Cryptocurrency prices in India today!

Petrol Prices in India today


Petrol prices remain the same for the 13th day straight today after the Centre decided to cut excise duty on petrol and diesel. In Rajasthan, CM Ashok Gehlot announced to slash VAT on petrol and diesel prices by Rs 4 and Rs 5 respectively.

  • Delhi – Rs 103.97/litre
  • Mumbai – Rs 109.98/litre
  • Kolkata – Rs 104.67/litre
  • Chennai – Rs 101.40/litre

Diesel Prices in India today

  • Delhi – Rs 86.67/litre
  • Mumbai – Rs 94.14/litre
  • Kolkata – Rs 89.79/litre
  • Chennai – Rs 91.43/litre

Let us take a look at the latest gold prices in India today, should you buy gold today?

Gold Price in India today


According to good returns, the price of Gold has significantly reached new heights to Rs 4,300/100g since yesterday for 22-carat gold, according to good returns.

Most of the cities have seen a rise in gold prices while some cities like Pune and Ahmedabad have seen a slight rise.

  • Delhi – Rs 48,300/10g (22 carat)
  • Mumbai – Rs 48,360/10g (22 carat)
  • Kolkata – Rs 48,750/10g (22 carat)
  • Chennai – Rs 46,500/10g (22 carat)
  • Pune – Rs 47,520/10g (22 carat)
  • Bengaluru – Rs 46,150/10g (22 carat)
  • Ahmedabad – Rs 47,580/10g (22 carat)
  • Jaipur – Rs 48,600/10g (22 carat)
  • Chandigarh – Rs47,100/10g (22 carat)

The prices may vary in the local jewellery stores.

COVID 19 scare seems to be normalizing as people are heading for wedding season in full zest, but what are the actual numbers? Are the cases decreasing?


Let’s take a look

COVID 19 cases in India today


Total fresh cases lodged – 10,197 cases

Deaths in India – 301


Total highest number of cases – Kerala – 5,516

Deaths in Kerala – 39


COVID 19 cases in Maharashtra latest

Total fresh cases lodged – 886 cases


Deaths in Maharashtra – 34

Total COVID 19 vaccines administered today


Vaccines administered in a day – 61 lakhs

Vaccine administered till date – 113.61 crore


Are you planning to invest in Cryptocurrency, before that make sure to take a look at its price!

Cryptocurrency Price in India today


The global market cap for crypto is Rs 192.05 lakh crores. It saw a 4.33% decrease over the last day. However, the total market saw a rise of 28.04% with a market volume of Rs 10,69,887 crores.

Bitcoin 49,34,994 -3.22%
Ethereum 3,44,654 -4.40%
Binance Coin 46,700.0 -5.46%
Polkadot 3,283.43 -6.38%
Tether 83.78 1.19%
Cardano 149 -3.93%
XRP 86.9321 -4.60%
Dogecoin 19.47 -5.98%




Let’s take a look at the top stocks of the day followed by what is the SENSEX


SENSEX: 60,322

Nifty 50:  17,999 – 18500


Top Stocks: Tata Motors, Asian Paints, Maruti

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