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US Senator & India Caucus Co-Chair stated China threat to India due to China’s Border War engagement

On a visit to India along with his Congressional team of colleagues, US Senator John Cornyn, a top Republican Lawmaker in his country & also the India Caucus Co-Chair, stated that China is a threat to India and other nations in the region of South-East Asia.

The US Senator John Cornyn met Indian PM Narendra Modi & Cabinet Ministers to discuss threats to India from China & other priorities shared by India with the US.


Border clashes between China & India have been a very long subject of dispute; these escalated last year when China engaged in a violent clash with Indian forces in Pangong lake areas resulting in the area being reinforced with a greater number of Army Units as well as heavy artillery.

Both the sides completed the disengagement process following a series of meetings & diplomatic talks held by Military officials of both countries for the Gogra area in August, North & South banks of the Pangong lake in the month of February.


The frictional point between both the military organizations of both China & India in Eastern Ladakh could not make any progress in resolving the standoff & failed even after 13 rounds of military talks between the two nations.

The US team visited the Philippines on a naval aircraft wherein they observed a Chinese spy plane in action gathering information off the Philippines coast; the senator stated that china was also bent on invading Taiwan, a country the exact opposite of China in democratic principles in allowing freedom of speech & religion of different religious communities.


During the trip to the Philippines, the US team had talks with key military officials to understand the exact security threats to the region by China.

The Chinese government has claimed that the entire 1.3 million square miles of the South China Sea has belonged to China for ages & has impeded activities like fishing & mineral exploration of countries like Vietnam & the Philippines.


The South China sea is the region where each year the international trade of trillions of dollars is passed through; China has been building artificial islands in the area with military bases to control the area, which is also claimed by countries like Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan & Vietnam.

The US has criticized China for militarizing throughout the islands by building runways & deploying anti-aircraft missiles along with jet fighters.