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Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang says US and China must refuse to hold cold war mentality

Qin Gang, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, said that both the countries China and United States must categorically say no to the Cold War mentality, and for the greater good of the world, both countries should take real actions.

According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua report, during a virtual meeting with the Brooklyn Institution’s board member, the Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang made the remarks.


During the virtual dialogues with board members, Qin Gang said that with around 30 years of the end of the Cold War, they must say no to the Cold War mentality, draw ideological lines, and bloc rivalry.

He further added that both countries should follow the trend of times, also consider common aspirations of the people and to work together for an open, inclusive, and beautiful world with long-lasting peace, and to share prosperity.


Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang said that cooperation and communication must be increased by China and United States; both of them should run their domestic affairs well and at the same time should take real actions to shoulder their share of international responsibilities.

A few days ago, China said that after the virtual summit between leaders Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, China’s ties with the United States have reached a crucial crossroads.


On Tuesday, Lijian Zhao, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, during a daily briefing said Beijing hopes that to implement the spirit of the two heads of state’s virtual meeting through solid actions to bring back bilateral relations on track of sound and steady development, Washington would work with China.

Qin Gang further said that there are countless challenges and issues the human society face and that the United States and China must cooperate such as climate change.


On Tuesday, the meeting between United States President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping was highly anticipated, and the two leaders locked their horns on the Taiwan issue, the summit was discussed in a strategic manner, and the topics of mutual interest were discussed.

The meeting held between the leaders lasted for over three hours, and they exchanged their views on bilateral relations and issues of fundamental importance in shaping the development of China-United States relations.