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Why having bad oral health could raise the risk of Covid?

Did you know bad teeth can increase your chances of getting COVID 19? We often ignore our teeth and when we do, the dentist hands over a hefty bill to us. But after the COVID 19 pandemic, taking care of our teeth has become all the more important than just taking care of it once in a while.

Research shows that people with poor oral health have an increased risk of getting COVID 19 and get severe symptoms of it. COVID 19 patients who are suffering from any sort of gum disease are 3.5 times likely to get admitted to an ICU as compared to those who don’t have gum disease. They are also 4.5 times likely to be put on a ventilator and x9 times likely to die from COVID.


All these statistics sound crazy and you must be wondering how are all these things connected? Gum disease or any disease related to your teeth can make other chronic diseases worse. Prolonged bad oral hygiene can lead to dysbiosis where the bacteria in your mouth become aggressive.

Once that bacteria become aggressive, they cause gum diseases and starts degrading the tissues of the mouth and enter into the bloodstream. Once bacteria flow in your blood, they can hit any organ and cause many other diseases. This causes several other health issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, kidney diseases and much more.


Similarly, with COVID 19, people with severe COVID 19 symptoms carry a specific market called CRP that causes a ‘cytokine storm’ where the immune system becomes weak fighting the virus and in the process harms the body’s tissues.

The research depicts that people who have bad oral hygiene can have excess levels of CRP and cytokines in their body so if COVID 19 comes into the body, both the virus and bacteria will become aggressive. It will also lower done the immunity of the body. This will have severe outcomes for people.


In normal words, the virus and bacteria will together harm the body as it gets into the blood. This becomes a topic of discussion of a larger topic that people who have existing diseases can suffer severe COVID 19 symptoms. However, the COVID 19 vaccinations have helped such people a lot and it has become extremely necessary that they take the vaccine.

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