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Recommendations to maintain & nurture our eyesight in an easy-to-do five steps

Eyes are the best gift we have received as it allows us to explore and view the beauty of the world. In today’s world, everything has been digitalized; we as a generation are spending most of our time with smartphones, laptops, and electronic devices more than we ever have done so in the past.

This continuous exposure to the digital screen of various instruments is considered to leave a very harmful effect on our eyesight.


The usage of mobile and other electronics has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic breakout.

From online classes to working from home and little things like groceries, medicine, and other household essentials are bought online due to the restrictions.


But do we know how much time we spend watching our mobile screen? The simplest way to know is to check your screen time in mobile settings; You have to add every aspect to know the exact screen time, such as online classes, your office work, and movies/web series you have watched on mobile or laptop.

There are some at least Five steps and habits which we have to adopt in order to protect and keep our eyes healthy & are also highly medically recommended to be very effective.


Firstly a regular eyes examinations are mandatory to keep a note on the health condition of our eyes and would aid the discovery or treatment of an underlying condition that might develop into something of a bigger concern; hence it is recommended that children be given an annual eye test.

Secondly, children should be advised not to stare directly into the sun, which is the major source of ultraviolet rays that might cause lasting or permanent irreparable damage to the eyesight, even though a minimum amount of sun rays are considered to be healthy for one’s eyesight.


Thirdly a well-balanced diet with a lot of recommended food which is rich in “Vitamin A,” mostly food which is yellow in colour like egg yolk, yellow mangoes in fact even green chillies are considered the right intake in one’s daily diet to improve & protect our eyesight.

Fourth on our list is to avoid smoking, which is seen as one of the main reasons leading to cataract conditions of the eye, which, if not treated properly in time, will definitely lead to permanent blindness.


Lastly, use a good spectacle lens which improves not only the quantity range of one’s vision but also the quality size range.

The above recommendations are just to name a few easy-to-do ones, but very essential for our eyesight which we know to be the best gift bestowed by nature.