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Work From Home and Hybrid Model is the next trend in IT sector – What to expect in Post COVID 19 world?

COVID 19 has made a major shift in lifestyle concerning work culture and education. Students now study online and people are working from home with careers that require fieldwork and an office. The IT sector has seen a drastic change in their working system as they shifted big organisations from office to home.

This shift of work culture has bought in new trends like work from home, hybrid model and a lot more. What does it mean for us?


Small companies and medium companies are looking for different ways to cut their costs to run their companies efficiently and keep all the employees happy too. Some companies have created a system to call some of them at offices while some of them work at home.

Many sectors including IT have gone through a major transformation and contractual hiring is becoming popular in this sector. This trend has opened a variety of opportunities for IT professionals. According to a recent report, the IT sector has around 14,486 people working on a contract basis in the financial year 21, this number has seen a 42% jump from 2020. The report also states that at least 50,000 professionals will be hired contractually by 2024.


People working on contracts are not working on a full-time basis and the companies provide a very good pay to the employees, hence this benefits the company and the professionals.

Hybrid Work Model


With COVID 19 cases slowly decreasing, the hybrid model is getting popular. Along with offices, some schools are following this system where you have to work or study in the office or school for 3 days and operate from home for the other 2 or 3 days. This model has bought flexibility in the workplace where employees can pick up two or three independent projects together and do other important things as well.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t complete the tasks given to them but it opens a lot of amazing opportunities for them and they also maximize their income. The hybrid model also eliminates the hassle of working hours if they are on a contract basis. This is beneficial for the company as they don’t have to hire full-time employees for their company and instead let different contractual employees work at different hours of the day.


Gig Economy

With such a flexible working system, and as we discussed before, employees are paid for the hours they work and companies save a lot of money by not hiring full-time employees. This culture is prominently seen nowadays in the IT sector.


Post-COVID, many IT companies might permanently shift to contract-based work and hybrid models giving a chance of more productivity and more employment rather than monotony and people sitting in offices without any productivity.

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