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5 ways to lose weight while you sleep

This topic might grab your attention instantly because everyone wants to get the job done and also be a lazy bum. Losing weight is never easy and with no physical activity, it becomes even more difficult to keep yourself active and losing weight becomes a far-sighted dream.

Did you know that you can lose weight when you are asleep? Yes, if you weigh yourself at night and then in the morning, you will notice you have lost weight. How is this possible?


The reason is basic – you lose the water weight from your body in form of sweat and breathing.

  • Sleeping and gaining weight

You might have heard that sleeping less is gaining too much weight. This is because less sleep increases the hormone cortisol and it also creates a disbalance of microbe levels in the body. Along with this it also disrupts your hunger hormones and you end up eating junk food. All this leads to you gaining weight. So if you sleep for at least 8 hours a day, your metabolism is optimum and you don’t gain weight and you are full of energy.

  • Lift weights at night

Lifting weights at night can enhance your metabolism for up to 16 hours. In a research paper, it was studied that people who exercised in the evenings have low nocturnal glucose levels.

  • Drink a casein protein shake

Casein is a slowly digesting protein that is taken as a supplement. This keeps your metabolism of the body active for all the 8 hours you are sleeping. People take this protein shake before they sleep to recover and reduce muscle breakdown while sleeping.

  • Cold showers

Taking a cold shower after your gym or just as a routine helps you burn calories. It burns your brown fat. A 30 seconds ice-cold shower activates the adipose tissues and when it is activated, you burn around 400 calories of fat while sleeping.

  • Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is having food at an interval of 10 to 12 hours which can be achieved fairly well in between your dinner and breakfast. When you follow this fast, your body burns out all the stored sugar. This is also called metabolic switching. People lose a lot of weight with intermittent fasting.


So these are a few simple tips you can follow to lose weight easily.

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