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Sputnik Light Covid Vaccine to be Launched in India by December, Says RDIF CEO

Kirill Dmitriev, the CEO of the RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) stated that the Sputnik light Covid 19 vaccine will be launched in India by December. They stated this to news agency ANI. Last month, EDIF said that Sputnik light is 70% efficient against COVID 19 delta variant for the first 3 months of the vaccination.

They also stated in a statement that the vaccine is 75% effective for people who are 60 years or under. The vaccine provides higher efficacy against the disease and hospitalizations.


Sputnik V, which is already launched in India is made of two components – recombinant adenovirus vector 26 and adenovirus vector 5. Sputnik light is primarily the first shot of Sputnik V.

The SEC (Subject Expert Committee) under the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation recommended conducting the trials of Sputnik V (Phase III). Sputnik Light is already approved and trials for the same began in some other countries along with Russia. Some of the trials bought in results in which after 28 days – the efficacy was 79.4% against COVID 19. Such trials were only focused on Russians who were not given 2nd dose yet. Phase 3 clinical trials of Sputnik Light included 7,000 people and the trials were conducted in the UAE, Ghana and Russia.


Sputnik V is distributed in India and people preferred it because of its high efficacy that going up to 91% which is comparatively a lot higher than Covishield and Covaxin. The price of Sputnik V is similar to the other 2. It ranges from Rs 800 – Rs 1000. The response of this vaccine was very good; Sputnik light can also be seen in a positive light. With rigorous trials going on, we can expect this vaccine to be developed in other countries very soon.

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