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New WhatsApp Features may roll out soon: Everything you need to know is here

In order to enhance the user experience, WhatsApp is working on new and exciting features. WhatsApp is used by most Indians; according to eMarketer, India has the most significant number of users than any other country, with 390.1 million active users.

WhatsApp would soon let the users hide their profile pictures from selected accounts, it would also allow the users to hide their last seen, WhatsApp is also working on a feature that makes custom stickers for mobile users, and it is also working on extending the time limit for Delete Message for Everyone feature.


Most of these features are already under development, and we will talk about these features today that WhatsApp might launch.

The first feature we will talk about is the “Delete Message for Everyone” feature. As of now, WhatsApp users can use this feature and delete a message one hour after sending it. The latest feature might extend the timeline and let users delete the message a week after sending it. However, WhatsApp is considering removing the time limit for using this feature.


The second feature WhatsApp is working on is speeding up the forwarded voice notes. Currently, users can listen to a voice note by increasing the speed by 1.5X. This same feature cannot be used for forwarded messages; users have to listen to the forwarded message the same way it has been sent.

The third feature WhatsApp is working on is concerning privacy; it would soon let its users hide their profile picture, last seen and about from the contacts they have selected. WhatsApp users can hide their Profile Picture, Last Seen, and the About section from all of their contacts as of now. WhatsApp does not allow its users to hide all these from specific contacts as of now; it only allows users to hide it from contact or accounts whose numbers you have not saved.


It is essential to notice that in current settings if WhatsApp users hide their last seen, they would not be able to see their contact’s last seen.

In a similar way, if the users disable the blue tick option, they would not be able to know whether their message has been read by the receiver person or not.