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5 ways to make an attractive presentation for your next business pitch

Presentations are boring to make, but it shouldn’t be boring when you present them or else you will lose a client easily. PPT presentations have never been so dynamic and engaging as it is today. Now people use attractive templates to make stunning presentations for their business pitch unlike before where there were just a few Microsoft PPT templates to choose from. Today we will take a look at some fascinating techniques that can make your PPT more attractive and engaging.

  • A picture tells you a thousand words

This is true; people instantly look at the photo before they see any texts. A powerful picture can appeal to your clients way better than text. It makes your presentation high-quality and you can convey your message to your clients smoothly. Your presentation must be focused more on your narrative and less on the screen.

  • Make good use of white space and contrast colours

Effective usage of white colours and using the right colours is something you learn at the very beginning of designing. Even if you are not a pro, you can differentiate and choose which two or three colours go well with each other. PPT templates already have this sorted for you; there are a variety of colour contrasts you can choose from.

Make good use of white spaces and don’t overfill your presentation with too much text or images, a clean and clear presentation is great that is not fluffy and simple.

  • Don’t use animations

Using animations is not recommended for business pitch presentations as they slow down your presentations. It also distracts your audience when you are discussing the topic with them. Lastly, animations in presentations look good when you are presenting them to children.

You can use animations when you are trying to explain how a certain product or machine works. Such animations make more sense.

  • Effective content and typography

CONTENT IS KING – yes, more than a fabulous design – your content must be powerful enough that everyone is instantly impressed. A good design always enhances your presentation but strong content is all that matters in the end. First, plan what you are going to put in your presentation and then go ahead making it experimenting with different fonts and colours for the text.

  • Be smart

The most effective presentations are the ones that your audience never forgets and you leave a mark as you end your pitch. Especially if you are competing against other startups, you have to be unique. You can do that by being funny – when you make them laugh, they will feel positive about it, so a little humour won’t harm. Secondly, surprise them – maybe stating a new insight that they didn’t know about.


All these ways will make your presentation fantastic, and the most important thing is to be you, your ideas and your views must reflect in your presentation.

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