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Studying Options Abroad, Being Scrutinised With Newly Opted Preferences By Indian Students Due To The Prevalent Covid-19 Situation

Indian students are now getting set to apply for a number of preferred study courses in foreign Universities while keeping note of the regional risk graph of Omicron, the newly emerged variant of coronavirus.

Global travel restrictions have been relaxed; Singapore was the first country to remove restrictions of Indian Travellers, even though the students from India prefer the USA, Canada & the UK as their preferred destinations for studying abroad.


Australia is yet to open restrictions for Indian travellers & students, although it is accounted as one of the very much preferred destinations by Indian students in particular for advanced study courses abroad. As per recent official government reports, Australia is yet to open up to Indian travellers after the two waves surging of Covid-19.

Countries like UK & Canada have promptly agreed on granting vaccine approvals & Indian students have received a warm welcome back to these countries after the pandemic lockdown period.


This welcoming attitude has made a number of Indian students turn towards UK & Canada for advanced study courses abroad, even though they initially had preferred to study in Australia, which is yet to open up its Universities to Indian Students.

Indian students have changed their preferences to study in UK & Canada from Australia as they feared losing an academic year if they waited for the Australian government to relax their restriction of travellers from the Indian Sub-continent.


The UK has a demand for qualified healthcare professionals, experienced persons in the logistics departments, the information Technology sector also needs new qualified & experienced personnel. UK has been facing a labour-power shortage since Brexit making the UK withdraw from the European Union.

Another policy has been announced by the UK allowing students who have completed an undergraduate or a Master’s degree in the UK can stay back & can work for two years through a new route for graduates; this governmental decision is also turning the Indian student’s preference towards studying abroad in the United Kingdom.


Students had kept Canada on a high preferred list as Canada had handled the pandemic Period quite better than a lot of countries. Also, the immigration policies of the Canadian government are much easier, plus the education cost in Canada is considered to be cheaper than in other countries.

Indian Students abroad by the year 2024 will be to the tune of 1.8 million, students during the lockdown period had faced difficulties with returning home to preferred nearby destinations like Dubai who have a significant number of American & British universities, and the region is quite near to India as well.