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A single vaccine able to deal with a number of Covid-19 variants is now the aim of Pharmaceutical Technologies

The threat of Omicron looming over the globe now has made global research teams & Pharmaceutical Technologies develop a product that will deal with a number of Corona Virus variants by a covid vaccine that can prevent infection in a single dose.

A group known as “The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations” (CEPI) is moving rapidly to develop such a single-dose vaccine. More funds will be used for the research part. As stated by Richard Hatchett, the group’s Chief Executive Officer, the group was launched in the year 2017.


CEPI is backed by a number of groups for funds that are utilized for vaccine research, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who has a program launched to provide $200 million to all potential developers of the vaccine, which will turn out to be “All Variant Proof.”

Richard Hatchett, who had been a former White House adviser, stated that it’d not known exactly if the current vaccine holds any potential to deal with Omicron & maybe other probable variants of coronavirus. Hence it becomes necessary to invest wisely in more than one potential vaccine research.


The research is being focused on a particular spike protein that aids the coronavirus & variants to invade & infect a healthy human cell.

Hatchett further stated that any probable variant’s boundary of evolvement could not be known; they could even evolve from under the effect of the presently available vaccines in the market, thereby making it very imprudent if there is no further research in the particular field.


“Pfizer Inc” officials expect the vaccines to hold up against the variant & that the research data will be available within two to three weeks, confirming to or against the fact.

Stephane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer of “Modern Inc,” states categorically that it appears that even the Omicron variant of coronavirus has a further number of mutations & claims that certainly new shots would be needed to ward off any threat to the general public.


Hatchett claims that even if the future shows that Omicron was not a major threat, it would always be better to be prepared with a number of new vaccines, while continued research is carried on as one doesn’t know the number of variants that could turn up in the future.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc & Cure Vac depend on mRNA technology for developing a single vaccine that can stop a number of variants. Meanwhile, CEPI is funding Israel’s MigVax Ltd for developing an oral vaccine.