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Opposition parties walkout from Rajya sabha over innocent civilian killings in Nagaland, Amit Shah expresses condolences to the grieved bereaved

Union Home Minister Amit Shah declared in the Parliament session today that the government of India regrets deeply innocent 14 civilians dying in a wrongly planned counter-insurgency operation of the Indian Army in Nagaland on Saturday.

He added that the situation was tense but at the moment under control and that a special investigation team would be formed to enquire about this unfortunate incident; the SIT will give its incident report within a month.


Union Minister Amit Shah expressed the government’s deepest condolences to bereaved families of the innocent fourteen civilians who lost their lives in the Indian Army’s operation.

The SIT investigation would also identify loopholes in the security forces strategy while patrolling the moan district where the incident had taken place on Saturday.


Mr Shah warned all agencies that no such incident should occur in the future. Meanwhile, the army hierarchy is also investigating the incident on the highest level.

Mr Shah had to finish his statement in the Rajya Sabha as the opposition parties were slogan shouting and had staged a walkout in the Rajya Sabha.


The deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha had to adjourn the house for the day as the opposition party members demanded statements from Defense Minister Raj Nath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the killing of a group of labourers mistaken as terrorists by the Indian Army team.

The local police have lodged an FIR against the Army, stating the Army, as per the intelligence reports, shot at the vehicle carrying the labourers mistaking it for a vehicle was driven by terrorists killing six people on the spot.


Later on, a group of villagers from the district surrounded the army camp, armed with machetes and lathis while brick batting and burning down a section of the camp. The Army retaliated and fired at the mob, killing seven people instantly; also, a Commando was killed by the villagers during this scenario.

Union Minister Amit Shah stated that the Army had to open fire in self-defence and disperse the crowd which had burned down the camp. The army officials have also expressed deep regrets for the loss of lives stating that it was an unfortunate matter and that it would be investigated at the very highest level.


Opposition party Mp’s from both upper and lower houses of the assembly had warned the centre to take quick action and not leave the state of Nagaland in uncertainty just when different hostile groups were in peace talks with the government.

The MP’s also cautioned the centre to reprimand the intelligence agency who has given misleading and wrong inputs, which led the Army to lay an ambush on the basis of faulty tips about the movement of probable terrorists.